Absolutely Irish - Varios Artistas

Absolutely Irish - Varios Artistas



Artista(s) / Grupo: Varios Artistas

Cantidad de Discos: 1

Lanzamiento: 2008


Stock: 1 Unidad


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  1. The House in the Glen/The Bohola Jig/Josie McDermott's/Free and Easy [Jigs/
  2. The King's Shilling
  3. Before the Storm/The Black Rogue/The Lass of Ballintra/The (Other) High
  4. McNally's Row of Flats
  5. The Green Hills of Tyrol/The Fermony Lassies/The Pinch of Snuff
  6. Jim O'Keefe's/The Clog/The Star Above the Garter/The Hare in the Corn [
  7. June Apple
  8. The Flower of Kilkenny
  9. Planxty Miss Maxwell
  10. Lark in the Morning/Cannabhan Ban/Humours of Ballyloughlin
  11. Fair London Town
  12. Kitty O'Neill's Champion Jig
  13. The Trip to Parliament/The Torn Jacket
  14. Fiddle Extravaganza: Never Was Piping So Gay/The Chandelier/Paddy Fahey
  15. The Leaving of Liverpool

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