Artista(s) / Grupo: Freddie Mercury

Estilo(s): Classic Rock

Título: Never Boring

Cantidad de Discos: 1 BluRay + 1 DVD + 3 CD + 1 Libro + 1 Poster

Norma / Región: Multizona

Lanzamiento: 2019

Género(s): Rock Pop


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Never Boring
CD1-1The Great Pretender (2019 Special Edition)3:24
CD1-2I Was Born To Love You (2019 Special Edition)3:36
CD1-3Barcelona (2012 Orchestrated Version)5:40
CD1-4In My Defence (2000 Remix)3:50
CD1-5Love Kills (2019 Special Edition)4:28
CD1-6How Can I Go On (2012 Orchestrated Single Version)3:57
CD1-7Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow (2019 Special Edition)3:43
CD1-8Living On My Own (No More Brothers Radio Mix)3:36
CD1-9The Golden Boy (2012 Orchestrated Single Edit)5:10
CD1-10Time Waits For No One3:19
CD1-11She Blows Hot And Cold (2019 Special Edition)3:22
CD1-12Made In Heaven (2019 Special Edition)3:04
Mr. Bad Guy
CD2-1Let's Turn It On
CD2-2Made In Heaven
CD2-3I Was Born To Love You
CD2-4Foolin' Around
CD2-5Your Kind Of Lover
CD2-6Mr. Bad Guy
CD2-7Man Made Paradise
CD2-8There Must Be More To Life Than This
CD2-9Living On My Own
CD2-10My Love Is Dangerous
CD2-11Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow
CD3-2La Japonaise
CD3-3The Fallen Priest
CD3-5The Golden Boy
CD3-6Guide Me Home
CD3-7How Can I Go On
CD3-8Exercises In Free Love
CD3-9Overture Piccante
Never Boring
BR-1Made In Heaven
BR-2The Great Pretender
BR-3Living On My Own
BR-5I Was Born To Love You
BR-6Time Waits For Nobody
BR-7In My Defence
BR-8Living On My Own (Radio Mix)
BR-9The Golden Boy (La Nit Performance)
BR-10How Can I Go On (La Nit Performance)
BR-11Barcelona (La Nit Performance)
BR-12Freddie Mercury & Dave Clark 'Time' Interview (1986)
BR-13The Great Pretender (Extended Version)
BR-14Barcelona (Ku Klub Performance)
Never Boring
DVD-1Made In Heaven
DVD-2The Great Pretender
DVD-3Living On My Own
DVD-5I Was Born To Love You
DVD-6Time Waits For No One
DVD-7In My Defence
DVD-8Living On My Own (Radio Mix)
DVD-9The Golden Boy (La Nit Performance)
DVD-10How Can I Go On (La Nit Performance)
DVD-11Barcelona (La Nit Performance)
DVD-12Freddie Mercury & Dave Clark 'Time' Interview (1986)
DVD-13The Great Pretender (Extended Version)
DVD-14Barcelona (Ku Klub Performance)

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