Artista(s) / Grupo: Queen

Estilo(s): Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Prog Rock, Classic Rock, Glam

Título: Queen 40. Volume 1

Cantidad de Discos: 10

Lanzamiento: 2011

Género(s): Rock


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Lista de Títulos

1-01Keep Yourself Alive3:47
1-02Doing All Right4:09
1-03Great King Rat5:43
1-04My Fairy King4:13
1-06The Night Comes Down4:23
1-07Modern Times Rock 'n' Roll1:48
1-08Son And Daughter3:23
1-10Seven Seas Of Rhye1:17
Queen - Bonus EP
2-01Keep Yourself Alive (De Lane Lea Demo, December 1971)3:52
2-02The Night Comes Down (De Lane Lea Demo, December 1971)4:25
2-03Great King Rat (De Lane Lea Demo, December 1971)6:09
2-04Jesus (De Lane Lea Demo, December 1971)5:07
2-05Liar (De Lane Lea Demo, December 1971)7:55
2-06Mad The Swine (June 1972)3:23
Queen II
3-02Father To Son6:13
3-03White Queen (As It Began)4:35
3-04Some Day One Day4:22
3-05The Loser In The End4:06
3-06Ogre Battle4:08
3-07The Fairy Feller's Master-Stroke2:40
3-09The March Of The Black Queen6:32
3-10Funny How Love Is2:51
3-11Seven Seas Of Rhye2:48
Queen II - Bonus EP
4-01See What A Fool I've Been (BBC Session, July 1973 - Remix 2011)4:22
4-02White Queen (As It Began) (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, December 1975)5:34
4-03Seven Seas Of Rhye (Instrumental Mix 2011)3:10
4-04Nevermore (BBC Session, April 1974)1:29
4-05See What A Fool I've Been (B-Side Version, February 1974)4:31
Sheer Heart Attack
5-01Brighton Rock5:11
5-02Killer Queen3:00
5-03Tenement Funster2:46
5-04Flick Of The Wrist3:17
5-05Lily Of The Valley1:44
5-06Now I'm Here4:18
5-07In The Lap Of The Gods3:22
5-08Stone Cold Crazy2:16
5-09Dear Friends1:08
5-11Bring Back That Leroy Brown2:15
5-12She Makes Me (Stormtrooper In Stilettos)4:09
5-13In The Lap Of The Gods ... Revisited3:46
Sheer Heart Attack - Bonus EP
6-01Now I'm Here (Live At Hammersmith Odeon, December 1975)4:27
6-02Flick Of The Wrist (BBC Session, October 1974)3:26
6-03Tenement Funster (BBC Session, October 1974)2:59
6-04Bring Back That Leroy Brown (A Cappella Mix 2011)2:18
6-05In The Lap Of The Gods ... Revisited (Live At Wembley Stadium, July 1986)2:35
A Night At The Opera
7-01Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To....)3:44
7-02Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon1:07
7-03I'm In Love With My Car3:05
7-04You're My Best Friend2:52
7-06Sweet Lady4:04
7-07Seaside Rendezvous2:20
7-08The Prophet's Song8:21
7-09Love Of My Life3:39
7-10Good Company3:23
7-11Bohemian Rhapsody5:54
7-12God Save The Queen1:15
A Night At The Opera - Bonus EP
8-01Keep Yourself Alive (Long-Lost Retake, June 1975)4:05
8-02Bohemian Rhapsody (Operatic Section A Cappella Mix 2011)1:05
8-03You're My Best Friend (Backing Track Mix 2011)2:58
8-04I'm In Love With My Car (Guitar & Vocal Mix 2011)3:21
8-05'39 (Live At Earl's Court, June 1977)3:47
8-06Love Of My Life (South American Live Single, June 1979)3:44
A Day At The Races
9-01Tie Your Mother Down4:50
9-02You Take My Breath Away5:06
9-03Long Away3:33
9-04The Millionaire Waltz4:56
9-05You And I3:30
9-06Somebody To Love4:59
9-07White Man4:59
9-08Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy2:53
9-10Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together)5:56
A Day At The Races - Bonus EP
10-01Tie Your Mother Down (Backing Track Mix 2011)3:49
10-02Somebody To Love (Live At Milton Keynes Bowl, June 1982)7:57
10-03You Take My Breath Away (Live In Hyde Park, September 1976)3:07
10-04Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy (Top Of The Pops, July 1977) (Mono)2:53
10-05Teo Torriatte (Let Us Cling Together) (HD Mix)4:47

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