Artista(s) / Grupo: The Shadows

Estilo(s): Rock & Roll, Vocal, Instrumental

Título: Timeless Classic Albums

Cantidad de Discos: 5

Lanzamiento: 2017

Género(s): Rock, Pop


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Me And My Shadows (Stereo)
1-1Cliff Richard & The ShadowsI'm Gonna Get You
1-2Cliff Richard & The ShadowsYou And I
1-3Cliff Richard & The ShadowsI Cannot Find A True Love
1-4Cliff Richard & The ShadowsEvergreen Tree
1-5Cliff Richard & The ShadowsShe's Gone
1-6Cliff Richard & The ShadowsLeft Out Again
1-7Cliff Richard & The ShadowsYou're Just The One To Do it
1-8Cliff Richard & The ShadowsLamp Of Love
1-9Cliff Richard & The ShadowsChoppin' And Changin'
1-10Cliff Richard & The ShadowsWe Have It Made
1-11Cliff Richard & The ShadowsTell Me
1-12Cliff Richard & The ShadowsGee Whiz It's You
1-13Cliff Richard & The ShadowsI Love You So
1-14Cliff Richard & The ShadowsI'm Willing To Learn
1-15Cliff Richard & The ShadowsI Don't Know
1-16Cliff Richard & The ShadowsWorking After School
The Shadows (Mono)
2-1The ShadowsShadoogie
2-2The ShadowsBlue Star
2-3The ShadowsNivram
2-4The ShadowsBaby My Heart
2-5The ShadowsSee You In My Drums
2-6The ShadowsAll My Sorrows
2-7The ShadowsStand Up And Say That
2-8The ShadowsGonzales
2-9The ShadowsFind Me A Golden Street
2-10The ShadowsTheme From A Filleted Place
2-11The ShadowsThat's My Desire
2-12The ShadowsMy Resistance Is Low
2-13The ShadowsSleepwalk
2-14The ShadowsBig Boy
The Shadows (Stereo)
2-15The ShadowsShadoogie
2-16The ShadowsBlue Star
2-17The ShadowsNivram
2-18The ShadowsBaby My Heart
2-19The ShadowsSee You In My Drums
2-20The ShadowsAll My Sorrows
2-21The ShadowsStand Up And Say That
2-22The ShadowsGonzales
2-23The ShadowsFind Me A Golden Street
2-24The ShadowsTheme From A Filleted Place
2-25The ShadowsThat's My Desire
2-26The ShadowsMy Resistance Is Low
2-27The ShadowsSleepwalk
2-28The ShadowsBig Boy
Out Of The Shadows (Mono)
3-1The ShadowsThe Rumble
3-2The ShadowsThe Bandit
3-3The ShadowsCosy
3-4The Shadows1861
3-5The ShadowsPerfidia
3-6The ShadowsLittle '"B"
3-7The ShadowsBo Didley
3-8The ShadowsSouth Of The Border
3-9The ShadowsSpring Is Nearly Here
3-10The ShadowsAre They All Like You
3-11The ShadowsTales Of A Raggy Tramline
3-12The ShadowsSome Are Lonely
3-13The ShadowsKinda Cool
Out Of The Shadows (Stereo)
3-14The ShadowsThe Rumble
3-15The ShadowsThe Bandit
3-16The ShadowsCosy
3-17The Shadows1861
3-18The ShadowsPerfidia
3-19The ShadowsLittle "B"
3-20The ShadowsBo Didley
3-21The ShadowsSouth Of The Border
3-22The ShadowsSpring Is Nearly Here
3-23The ShadowsAre They All Like You
3-24The ShadowsTales Of A Raggy Tramline
3-25The ShadowsSome Are lonely
3-26The ShadowsKinda Cool
Meeting With The Shadows (Mono)
4-1The ShadowsApache
4-2The ShadowsBlue Star
4-3The ShadowsTama Da Man Of Mystery
4-4The ShadowsAll My Sorrows
4-5The ShadowsMidnight
4-6The ShadowsThe Savage
4-7The ShadowsThe Stranger
4-8The ShadowsShadoogoe
4-9The ShadowsGuitar Tango
4-10The ShadowsSleepwalk
4-11The ShadowsGonzales
4-12The ShadowsF.B.I.
4-13The ShadowsPeace Pipe
4-14The ShadowsBig Boy
4-15The ShadowsThe Frightened City
4-16The ShadowsWonderful Land
Meeting With The Shadows (Stereo)
4-17The ShadowsApache
4-18The ShadowsBlue Star
4-19The ShadowsTama Da Man Of Mystery
4-20The ShadowsAll My Sorrows
4-21The ShadowsMidnight
4-22The ShadowsThe Savage
4-23The ShadowsThe Stranger
4-24The ShadowsShadoogie
4-25The ShadowsGuitar Tango
4-26The ShadowsSleepwalk
4-27The ShadowsGonzales
4-28The ShadowsF.B.I.
4-29The ShadowsPeace Pipe
4-30The ShadowsBig Boy
4-31The ShadowsThe Frightened City
4-32The ShadowsWonderful Land
The Fantastic Shadows (Mono)
5-1The ShadowsShazam
5-2The ShadowsGeronimo
5-3The ShadowsShindig
5-4The ShadowsBaby My Heart
5-5The ShadowsSleepwalk
5-6The ShadowsThe Rumble
5-7The ShadowsAtlantis
5-8The ShadowsI Want You To Want Me
5-9The Shadows36-24-36
5-10The ShadowsThat's My Desire
5-11The ShadowsMy Resistance Is Low
5-12The ShadowsKon-Tiki
The Fantastic Shadows (Stereo)
5-13The ShadowsShazam
5-14The ShadowsGeronimo
5-15The ShadowsShindig
5-16The ShadowsBaby My Heart
5-17The ShadowsSleepwalk
5-18The ShadowsThe Rumble
5-19The ShadowsAtlantis
5-20The ShadowsI Want You To Want Me
5-21The Shadows36-24-36
5-22The ShadowsThat's My Desire
5-23The ShadowsMy Resistance Is Low
5-24The ShadowsKon-Tiki

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