Artista(s) / Grupo: Quincy Jones

Título: Twenty Classic Albums

Cantidad de Discos: 10

Lanzamiento: 2017

Género(s): Jazz


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Lista de Títulos

1-1Quincy JonesWalkin'10:44
1-2Quincy JonesStockholm Sweetnin'5:39
1-3Quincy JonesEvening In Paris4:06
1-4Quincy JonesSermonette5:55
1-5Quincy JonesA Sleepin' Bee4:39
1-6Quincy JonesBoo's Blues5:16
1-7Quincy JonesDancin Pants3:48
1-8Quincy JonesBlue's Day4:42
1-9Quincy JonesBright Moon5:20
1-10Quincy JonesNo Bones At All3:57
1-11Quincy JonesThe Oom Is Blues5:09
1-12Quincy JonesBe My Guest4:29
1-13Quincy JonesMedley - What's New / We'll Be Together Again / Time On My Hands / You Go To My Head / Laura6:19
1-14Quincy JonesLondon Derriere4:06
1-15Quincy JonesKing's Road Blues5:06
2-1Quincy JonesThe Birrth Of Band2:55
2-2Quincy JonesMoanin (Version 1)3:10
2-3Quincy JonesI Remember Clifford3:44
2-4Quincy JonesAlong Came Betty3:19
2-5Quincy JonesTickle Toe2:58
2-6Quincy JonesHappy Faces (Version 1)2:44
2-7Quincy JonesWhisper Not3:23
2-8Quincy JonesThe Gypsy4:06
2-9Quincy JonesA Change Of Pace3:22
2-10Quincy JonesTuxedo Junction
2-11Quincy JonesSyncopated Clock2:45
2-12Quincy JonesChoo Choo Ch-boogie2:28
2-13Quincy JonesThe Hucklebuck2:27
2-14Quincy JonesThe Midnight Sun Will Never Set2:44
2-15Quincy JonesThe Preacher2:54
2-16Quincy JonesMarchin' The Blues2:43
2-17Quincy JonesBlues In The Night3:57
2-18Quincy JonesAfter Hours3:32
2-19Quincy JonesMoanin (Version 2)3:04
2-20Quincy JonesHappy Faces (Version 2)2:42
2-21Quincy JonesDaylie Double6:03
2-22Quincy JonesPleasingly Plump2:27
2-23Quincy JonesA Parisian Thoroughfare3:48
2-24Quincy JonesG'wan Train2:58
3-1Quincy Jones & BandPleasingly Plump2:17
3-2Quincy Jones & BandG'wan Train6:21
3-3Quincy Jones & BandMoonglow2:47
3-4Quincy Jones & BandTone Poem3:40
3-5Quincy Jones & BandYou Turned The Tables On Me2:30
3-6Quincy Jones & BandChinese Checkers2:41
3-7Quincy Jones & BandOur Love Is Here To Stay3:12
3-8Quincy Jones & BandThe Midnight Sun Will Never Set4:35
3-9Quincy Jones & BandTrouble On My Mind2:31
3-10Quincy Jones & BandA Sunday Kind Of Love2:35
3-11Quincy JonesLester Leaps In
3-12Quincy JonesGhana4:36
3-13Quincy JonesCaravan3:28
3-14Quincy JonesEverybody's Blues4:12
3-15Quincy JonesCherokee (Indian Love Song)3:09
3-16Quincy JonesAir Mail Special2:32
3-17Quincy JonesThey Say It's Wonderful3:22
3-18Quincy JonesChant Of The Weed3:10
3-19Quincy JonesI Never Has Seen Snow3:08
3-20Quincy JonesEesom5:03
4-1Quincy Jones And His OrchestraMeet B.B.3:58
4-2Quincy Jones And His OrchestraBoy In The Tree5:00
4-3Quincy Jones And His OrchestraEvening In Paris5:17
4-4Quincy Jones And His OrchestraAir Mail Special4:20
4-5Quincy Jones And His OrchestraLester Leaps In6:07
4-6Quincy Jones And His OrchestraG'wan Train6:03
4-7Quincy Jones And His OrchestraBanja Luka5:54
4-8Quincy Jones And His OrchestraGhana4:00
4-9Quincy JonesAir Mail Special3:45
4-10Quincy JonesBanja Luka9:11
4-11Quincy JonesBess, You Is My Woman Now5:29
4-12Quincy JonesSolitude3:39
4-13Quincy JonesStolen Moments13:23
4-14Quincy JonesMoanin'2:50
5-1Roy HaynesQuincy JonesPogo Stick6:15
5-2Roy HaynesQuincy JonesLiza
5-3Roy HaynesQuincy JonesJones Bones5:39
5-4Roy HaynesQuincy JonesSometimes I'm Happy5:50
5-5Roy HaynesQuincy JonesLittle Leona4:49
5-6Roy HaynesQuincy JonesMiss Mopsy5:00
5-7Roy HaynesQuincy JonesGone Again5:57
5-8Roy HaynesQuincy JonesHagnes5:28
5-9Art FarmerQuincy Jones And His OrchestraTwo Sleepy People3:19
5-10Art FarmerQuincy Jones And His OrchestraSomeone To Watch Over Me3:33
5-11Art FarmerQuincy Jones And His OrchestraI Concentrate On You2:50
5-12Art FarmerQuincy Jones And His OrchestraIll Wind3:41
5-13Art FarmerQuincy Jones And His OrchestraLast Night When We Were Young2:57
5-14Art FarmerQuincy Jones And His OrchestraOut Of This World4:09
5-15Art FarmerQuincy Jones And His OrchestraWhen I Fall In Love3:31
5-16Art FarmerQuincy Jones And His OrchestraTangerine2:41
5-17Art FarmerQuincy Jones And His OrchestraWhat's Good About Goodbye3:38
6-1Harry ArnoldQuincy JonesQuincy's Home Again2:28
6-2Harry ArnoldQuincy JonesMidnight Sun Never Sets4:05
6-3Harry ArnoldQuincy JonesCherokee3:14
6-4Harry ArnoldQuincy JonesCount 'Em5:29
6-5Harry ArnoldQuincy JonesBrief Encounter3:02
6-6Harry ArnoldQuincy JonesRoom 6083:13
6-7Harry ArnoldQuincy JonesKinda Blues5:57
6-8Harry ArnoldQuincy JonesMeet Benny Bailey3:48
6-9Harry ArnoldQuincy JonesDoodlin'5:11
6-10Quincy Jones And His OrchestraHot Sake
6-11Quincy Jones And His OrchestraStrike Up The Band2:26
6-12Quincy Jones And His OrchestraAfricana3:09
6-13Quincy Jones And His OrchestraMeadowland3:10
6-14Quincy Jones And His OrchestraRico Vacilon2:14
6-15Quincy Jones And His OrchestraUnder Paris Skies2:32
6-16Quincy Jones And His OrchestraMack The Knife2:29
6-17Quincy Jones And His OrchestraManolete De Espana3:17
6-18Quincy Jones And His OrchestraBrazil (Baia)3:54
6-19Quincy Jones And His OrchestraCome Back To Sorrento2:27
6-20Quincy Jones And His OrchestraDear Old Stockholm3:59
7-1Quincy Jones And His OrchestraQuintessence4:19
7-2Quincy Jones And His OrchestraRobert Portrait5:23
7-3Quincy Jones And His OrchestraLittle Karen3:42
7-4Quincy Jones And His OrchestraStraight No Chaser2:24
7-5Quincy Jones And His OrchestraFor Lena And Lennie4:16
7-6Quincy Jones And His OrchestraHard Sock Dance3:16
7-7Quincy Jones And His OrchestraInvitation3:32
7-8Quincy Jones And His OrchestraThe Twitch3:47
7-9Quincy Jones And His OrchestraSoul Bossa Nova2:45
7-10Quincy Jones And His OrchestraBoogie Stop Shuffle2:41
7-11Quincy Jones And His OrchestraDesafinado2:53
7-12Quincy Jones And His OrchestraManha De Carnaval2:54
7-13Quincy Jones And His OrchestraSe E Tarda Me Perdoa4:22
7-14Quincy Jones And His OrchestraOn The Street Where You Live2:32
7-15Quincy Jones And His OrchestraOne Note Samba
7-16Quincy Jones And His OrchestraLalo Bossa Nova3:12
7-17Quincy Jones And His OrchestraSerenata3:17
7-18Quincy Jones And His OrchestraChega De Saudade5:30
7-19Quincy Jones And His OrchestraA Taste Of Honey2:52
8-1Billy EckstineQuincy JonesAlright, Okay, You Win2:46
8-2Billy EckstineQuincy JonesMedley - I'm Falling For You/Fool That I Am/Everything I Have Is Yours8:00
8-3Billy EckstineQuincy JonesIn The Still Of The Night/Band Chaser3:47
8-4Billy EckstineQuincy JonesDuke Ellington Medley - Announcement/Don't Get Around Much Anymore/I'm Just A Lucky So And So3:58
8-5Billy EckstineQuincy JonesWork Song3:58
8-6Billy EckstineQuincy JonesMa (She's Making Eye At Me)2:43
8-7Quincy JonesMain Theme2:17
8-8Quincy JonesThe Boy In The Tree3:48
8-9Quincy JonesCrucifixion March2:38
8-10Quincy JonesFulla Fira2:30
9-1Dizzy Gillespie And His OrchestraManteca Theme4:10
9-2Dizzy Gillespie And His OrchestraContraste2:45
9-3Dizzy Gillespie And His OrchestraJungla4:45
9-4Dizzy Gillespie And His OrchestraRhumba-Finale4:38
9-5Dizzy GillespieCool Eyes3:46
9-6Dizzy GillespieConfusion4:41
9-7Dizzy GillespiePile Driver3:54
9-8Dizzy GillespieHob Nail Special2:52
10-1Dizzy GillespieDizzy's Business3:34
10-2Dizzy GillespieJessica's Day4:48
10-3Dizzy GillespieTour De Force
10-4Dizzy GillespieI Can't Get Started2:53
10-5Dizzy GillespieDoodlin'3:54
10-6Dizzy GillespieA Night In Tunesia5:32
10-7Dizzy GillespieStella By Starlight4:05
10-8Dizzy GillespieThe Champ4:40
10-9Dizzy GillespieMy Reverie2:51
10-10Dizzy GillespieDizzy's Blues2:30
10-11Dizzy GillespieHey Pete5:36
10-12Dizzy GillespieYesterdays3:42
10-13Dizzy GillespieTin Tin Deo4:13
10-14Dizzy GillespieGroovin' For Nat3:17
10-15Dizzy GillespieAnnie's Dance4:01
10-16Dizzy GillespieCool Breeze4:52
10-17Dizzy GillespieSchool Days

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