Artista(s) / Grupo: Wynton Marsalis

Estilo(s): Bop, Post Bop, Contemporary

Título: Swinging Into The 21st

Cantidad de Discos: 11 CD + Libro

Lanzamiento: 2011

Género(s): Jazz, Classical


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A Fiddler's Tale
Part 1
1-1Wynton MarsalisNarrator: "It Always Starts..."2:18
1-2Wynton MarsalisFiddler's March3:17
1-3Wynton MarsalisScene 1 - Narrator: "Her Name Is Beatrice Connors"0:29
1-4Wynton MarsalisFiddler's Soul3:12
1-5Wynton MarsalisNarrator: "She's Floating On A Dream Cloud..."4:11
1-6Wynton MarsalisFiddler's March (Reprise)1:31
1-7Wynton MarsalisScene 2 - Narrator: "Now That He Has Her Going..."3:54
1-8Wynton MarsalisReprise 2 (End Of March)0:34
1-9Wynton MarsalisScene 3 - Narrator: "Beatrice Connors Is Now..."2:37
1-10Wynton MarsalisPastorale4:18
1-11Wynton MarsalisDevil: "More Words On Fame"3:37
1-12Wynton MarsalisFiddler's Soul (Reprise)1:10
Part 2
1-13Wynton MarsalisScene 4 - Narrator: "Keeping One Hundred Dollars..."4:09
1-14Wynton MarsalisHappy March2:21
1-15Wynton MarsalisScene 5 - Narrator: "The Illness Of The Land..."2:40
1-16Wynton MarsalisLittle Concert Piece3:04
1-17Wynton MarsalisNarrator: "Musicians, You Must Play..."0:43
1-18Wynton MarsalisTango, Waltz, Ragtime7:27
1-19Wynton MarsalisNarrator: "The Music Causes The Savior..."1:04
1-20Wynton MarsalisDevil's Dance2:10
1-21Wynton MarsalisNarrator: "The Music Was Too Strong..."0:34
1-22Wynton MarsalisLittle Chorale0:41
1-23Wynton MarsalisThe Devil's Song (Bzb Speaks)0:58
1-24Wynton MarsalisThe Great Chorale0:41
1-25Wynton MarsalisNarrator: "But Beatrice Connors..."4:20
1-26Wynton MarsalisThe Blues On Top2:25
Standard Time, Vol. 4: Marsalis Plays Monk
2-1Wynton MarsalisThelonious4:51
2-2Wynton MarsalisEvidence4:25
2-3Wynton MarsalisWe See3:20
2-4Wynton MarsalisMonk's Mood3:02
2-5Wynton MarsalisWorry Later6:15
2-6Wynton MarsalisFour In One5:49
2-7Wynton MarsalisReflections6:15
2-8Wynton MarsalisIn Walked Monk4:22
2-9Wynton MarsalisHackensack3:03
2-10Wynton MarsalisLet's Cool One4:10
2-11Wynton MarsalisBrilliant Corners4:49
2-12Wynton MarsalisBrake's Sake6:59
2-13Wynton MarsalisUgly Beauty2:38
2-14Wynton MarsalisGreen Chimneys4:41
At The Octoroon Balls
Wynton MarsalisAt The Octoroon Balls (String Quartet No. 1)(44:58)
3-1Come Long Fiddler9:42
3-2Mating Calls And Delta Rhythms5:30
3-3Creole Contradanzas5:00
3-4Many Gone8:56
3-5Hellbound Highball8:21
3-6Blue Lights On The Bayou2:33
3-7Rampart St. Row House Rag4:48
Wynton MarsalisA Fiddler's Tale Suite(31:43)
3-8The Fiddler's March3:21
3-9A Fiddler's Soul3:15
3-11Happy March2:25
3-12Concert Piece3:07
3-13Tango, Waltz, Ragtime7:29
3-14The Devil's Dance2:37
3-15Big Chorale2:48
3-16The Blues On Top2:26
Big Train
4-1Wynton MarsalisAll Aboard5:48
4-2Wynton MarsalisObservation Car5:05
4-3Wynton MarsalisUnion Pacific Big Boy5:52
4-4Wynton MarsalisSmokestack Shuffle5:07
4-5Wynton MarsalisNorthbound - Southbound2:50
4-6Wynton MarsalisDining Car2:23
4-7Wynton MarsalisNight Train2:24
4-8Wynton MarsalisEngine6:38
4-9Wynton MarsalisBullet Train3:50
4-10Wynton MarsalisSleeper Car3:27
4-11Wynton MarsalisStation Call2:10
4-12Wynton MarsalisThe Caboose7:08
Sweet Release & Ghost Story
Wynton MarsalisSweet Release(30:48)
5-1Home: Beyond The Rage7:51
5-2Church: Renewing Vows7:19
5-3Church Basement: Party5:28
5-4Street: Make Room For Me4:24
5-5Home: Give Me Your Hand5:44
Wynton MarsalisGhost Story(29:06)
5-9First Blues2:27
5-12Second Blues4:17
5-13Recognition And Rconciliation2:34
Standard Time, Vol. 6: Mr. Jelly Lord
6-1Wynton MarsalisRed Hot Pepper3:40
6-2Wynton MarsalisNew Orleans Romp4:32
6-3Wynton MarsalisKing Porter Stomp3:09
6-4Wynton MarsalisThe Pearls3:50
6-5Wynton MarsalisDeep Creek5:13
6-6Wynton MarsalisMamanita2:48
6-7Wynton MarsalisSidewalk Blues5:11
6-8Wynton MarsalisJungle Blues6:49
6-9Wynton MarsalisBig Lip Blues3:16
6-10Wynton MarsalisDead Man Blues4:40
6-11Wynton MarsalisSmokehouse Blues4:50
6-12Wynton MarsalisBilly Goat Stomp2:57
6-13Wynton MarsalisCourthouse Bump3:28
6-14Wynton MarsalisBlack Bottom Stomp4:19
6-15Wynton MarsalisTom Cat Blues2:08
7-1Wynton MarsalisRosewood2:42
7-2Wynton MarsalisMr. Mann3:51
7-3Wynton MarsalisSylvester's Rag2:13
7-4Wynton MarsalisGentler Times2:56
7-5Wynton MarsalisGossipin' Hens5:42
7-6Wynton MarsalisSunday Blessing2:00
7-7Wynton MarsalisI Hear A Knockin' (Quartet)1:05
7-8Wynton MarsalisGo, Possum, Go2:02
7-9Wynton MarsalisEyes Around The Corner1:34
7-10Wynton MarsalisSing On2:49
7-11Wynton MarsalisMorning Song2:34
7-12Wynton MarsalisI Hear A Knockin' (Solo)0:52
7-13Wynton MarsalisIf I Hold On1:40
7-14Wynton MarsalisElgin Mills2:33
7-15Wynton MarsalisRattlesnake Tail Swing2:33
7-16Wynton MarsalisDark Heart Beat0:50
7-17Wynton MarsalisFire In The Night6:32
7-18Wynton MarsalisPorch Whiskey3:18
7-19Wynton MarsalisTo Higher Ground4:49
7-20Wynton MarsalisAfter The Dead2:58
7-21Wynton MarsalisRosewood4:30
Monday Night
8-1Wynton Marsalis SeptetWelcome0:41
8-2Wynton Marsalis SeptetThe Cat In The Hat Is Back9:22
8-3Wynton Marsalis SeptetEmbraceable You5:26
Tuesday Night
8-4Wynton Marsalis SeptetReflections6:07
Wednesday Night
8-5Wynton Marsalis SeptetBuggy Ride5:56
8-6Wynton Marsalis SeptetI'll Remember April8:05
Thursday Night
8-7Wynton Marsalis SeptetMisterioso5:17
Friday Night
8-8Wynton Marsalis SeptetFlee As A Bird To The Mountain3:13
8-9Wynton Marsalis SeptetHappy Fleet Blues6:27
Saturday Night
8-10Wynton Marsalis SeptetCherokee11:52
8-11Wynton Marsalis SeptetJuba And A O'Brown Squay4:48
Sunday Night
8-12Wynton Marsalis SeptetLocal Announcements4:46
The Marciac Suite
9-1Wynton Marsalis SeptetLoose Duck7:16
9-2Wynton Marsalis SeptetThe Big Top4:39
9-3Wynton Marsalis SeptetJean-Lous Is Everywhere4:56
9-4Wynton Marsalis SeptetMademoiselle D'Gascony6:04
9-5Wynton Marsalis SeptetArmagnac Dream6:05
9-6Wynton Marsalis SeptetMarciac Fun5:20
9-7Wynton Marsalis SeptetFor My Kids At The Collège Of Marciac4:02
9-8Wynton Marsalis SeptetMarciac Moon9:26
9-9Wynton Marsalis SeptetD'Artagnan4:47
9-10Wynton Marsalis SeptetGuy Lafitte4:06
9-11Wynton Marsalis SeptetB Is For Boussaget (And Bass)3:58
9-12Wynton Marsalis SeptetIn The House Of Laberrière5:52
9-13Wynton Marsalis SeptetSunflowers9:58
All Rise
10-1Wynton MarsalisMovement 1: Jubal Step11:22
10-2Wynton MarsalisMovement 2: A Hunderd And A Hundred, A Hundred And Twelve7:52
10-3Wynton MarsalisMovement 3: Go Slow (But Don't Stop)9:00
10-4Wynton MarsalisMovement 4: Wild Strumming Of Fiddle8:13
10-5Wynton MarsalisMovement 5: Save Us10:23
10-6Wynton MarsalisMovement 6: Cried, Shouted, Then Sung8:39
10-7Wynton MarsalisMovement 7: Look Beyond9:05
10-8Wynton MarsalisMovement 8: The Halls Of Erudition And Scholarship (Come Back Home)10:00
11-1Wynton MarsalisMovement 9: El 'Grain' Baile De La Reina7:38
11-2Wynton MarsalisMovement 10: Expressbrown Local6:41
11-3Wynton MarsalisMovement 11: Saturday Night Slow Drag5:24
11-4Wynton MarsalisMovement 12: I Am (Don't You Run From Me)11:53

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