Artista(s) / Grupo: Billy Cobham

Estilo(s): Jazz-Rock, Fusion

Título: The Atlantic Years 1973-1978

Cantidad de Discos: 8

Lanzamiento: 2015


Stock: 1 Unidad


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CD One : Spectrum
1-1Billy CobhamQuadrant 44:20
1-2Billy CobhamSearching For The Right Door1:24
1-3Billy CobhamSpectrum5:09
1-4Billy CobhamAnxiety1:41
1-5Billy CobhamTaurian Matador3:03
1-6Billy CobhamStratus9:50
1-7Billy CobhamTo The Women In My Life0:51
1-8Billy CobhamLe Lis3:20
1-9Billy CobhamSnoopy's Search1:02
1-10Billy CobhamRed Baron6:37
Bonus Tracks
1-11Billy CobhamAll 4 One (Outtake)4:16
1-12Billy CobhamStratus - Part I (Mono)3:26
1-13Billy CobhamStratus - Part I (Stereo)3:26
1-14Billy CobhamStratus - Part II (Stereo)3:02
CD Two : Crosswinds
Billy CobhamSpanish Moss - "A Sound Portrait"(17:08)
2-1.aSpanish Moss4:08
2-1.bSavannah The Serene5:09
2-1.dFlash Flood5:05
2-2Billy CobhamThe Pleasant Pheasant5:11
2-3Billy CobhamHeather8:25
2-4Billy CobhamCrosswind3:39
Bonus Tracks
2-5Billy CobhamCrosswind2:40
2-6Billy CobhamLe Lis3:15
CD Three : Total Eclipse
Billy CobhamSolarization
3-1.bSecond Phase1:43
3-1.cCrescent Sun2:40
3-1.eSolarization - Recapitulation0:50
3-2Billy CobhamLunarputians2:32
3-3Billy CobhamTotal Eclipse5:59
3-4Billy CobhamBandits2:30
3-5Billy CobhamMoon Germs4:55
3-6Billy CobhamThe Moon Ain't Made Of Green Cheese0:58
3-7Billy CobhamSea Of Tranquility10:44
3-8Billy CobhamLast Frontier5:22
Bonus Track
3-9Billy CobhamMoon Germs2:56
CD Four : Shabazz (Recorded Live In Europe)
4-1Billy CobhamShabazz13:48
4-2Billy CobhamTaurian Matador (Revised)5:28
4-3Billy CobhamRed Baron (Revised)6:37
4-4Billy CobhamTenth Pinn14:00
CD Five : A Funky Thide Of Sings
5-1Billy CobhamPanhandler4:05
5-2Billy CobhamSorcery2:26
5-3Billy CobhamA Funky Thide Of Sings3:39
5-4Billy CobhamThinking Of You4:26
5-5Billy CobhamSome Skunk Funk5:07
5-6Billy CobhamLight At The End Of The Tunnel3:37
5-7Billy CobhamA Funky Kind Of Thing9:14
5-8Billy CobhamMoody Modes12:16
Bonus Track
5-9Billy CobhamNeu Rock & Roll (Outtake)6:27
CD Six : Life & Times
6-1Billy CobhamLife & Times6:58
6-2Billy Cobham292:28
Billy CobhamSiesta / Wake Up / That's What I Said(3:57)
6-3.bWake Up!!!!!! That's What You Said
6-4Billy CobhamEast Bay6:08
6-5Billy CobhamEarthlings5:04
6-6Billy CobhamSong For A Friend (Part I)5:03
6-7Billy CobhamOn A Natural High5:17
6-8Billy CobhamSong For A Friend (Part II)4:43
Bonus Tracks
6-9Natural Essence (2)Out Of Darkness3:16
6-10Natural Essence (2)It's You I Need2:56
CD Seven : Live On Tour In Europe (With George Duke)
7-1The Billy Cobham - George Duke Band*Hip Pockets7:08
7-2The Billy Cobham - George Duke Band*Ivory Tattoo4:28
7-3The Billy Cobham - George Duke Band*Space Lady4:43
7-4The Billy Cobham - George Duke Band*Almustafa The Beloved6:54
7-5The Billy Cobham - George Duke Band*Do What Cha Wanna5:00
7-6The Billy Cobham - George Duke Band*Frankenstein Goes To The Disco7:17
7-7The Billy Cobham - George Duke Band*Sweet Wine3:55
7-8The Billy Cobham - George Duke Band*Juicy7:20
Bonus Tracks
7-9The Billy Cobham / George Duke BandDo What Cha Wanna3:46
7-10The Billy Cobham / George Duke BandHip Pockets5:07
CD Eight : Inner Conflicts
8-1Billy CobhamInner Conflicts10:49
8-2Billy CobhamThe Muffin Talks Back9:52
8-3Billy CobhamNickels And Dimes7:21
8-4Billy CobhamEl Barrio6:30
8-5Billy CobhamArroyo4:15

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