Artista(s) / Grupo: Kiss

Estilo(s): Heavy Metal

Título: Creatures Of The Night 40th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition

Cantidad de Discos: 1 BluRay + 5 CD + Libro

Lanzamiento: 2022

Género(s): Rock


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Disc 6: Creatures Of The Night Blu-ray Audio 5.1 Mix
BD-1Cratures Of The Night
BD-2Saint And Sinner
BD-3Keep Me Comin'
BD-4Rock ANd Roll Hell
BD-6I Love It Loud
BD-7I Still Love You
BD-9War Machine
Disc 1: Original Album
CD1-1Creatures Of The Night4:03
CD1-2Saint And Sinner4:50
CD1-3Keep Me Comin'3:57
CD1-4Rock And Roll Hell4:12
CD1-6I Love It Loud4:14
CD1-7I Still Love You6:06
CD1-9War Machine4:16
Disc 2: Demos, Rarities & Outtakes
CD2-1I'm A Legend Tonight3:57
CD2-2Down On Your Knees3:30
CD2-3Nowhere To Run4:32
CD2-4Partners In Crime3:47
CD2-5Deadly Weapon (Penny Lane Demo)4:49
CD2-6Feel Like Heaven (Penny Lane Demo)6:16
CD2-7Nowhere To Run (Penny Lane Demo)5:10
CD2-8Deadly Weapon (Original Demo)6:20
CD2-9Feel Like Heaven (Original Demo)7:05
CD2-10Nowhere To Run (Take 11 - Instrumental)3:42
CD2-11Tell It To A Fool (Take 4 - Drums & Bass Instrumental)4:42
CD2-12Chrome Goes Into Motion (Take 2 - Drums & Bass Instrumental)4:16
CD2-13I'm A Legend Tonight (Mix 4 - Instrumental & Background Vocals)3:56
CD2-14Don't Leave Me Lonely (Take 8 - Drums & Guitar Instrumental)3:52
CD2-15Something Seems To Happen At Night (Gene Simmons Demo)2:37
CD2-16It's Gonna Be Alright (Gene Simmons Demo)4:29
Disc 3: Demos, Rarities & Outtakes Cont.
CD3-1Legends Never Die (Gene Simmons Demo)4:25
CD3-2It's My Life (Gene Simmons Demo)3:49
CD3-3Not For The Innocent (Demo)4:36
CD3-4I Still Love You (Take 1)5:01
CD3-5I Still Love You (Take 2)7:21
CD3-6Saint And Sinner (Take 1)6:08
CD3-7Saint And Sinner (Take 2 - False Start)0:18
CD3-8Saint And Sinner (Take 3)6:00
CD3-9Betrayed (Outtake)4:38
CD3-10Creatures Of The Night (Alternate Mix 19)4:09
CD3-11Partners In Crime (Alternate Mix 16B)3:54
CD3-12I Love It Loud (Alternate Mix 21)3:35
CD3-13War Machine (Full-Length - Mix 11)5:09
CD3-14Rock And Roll Hell (Take 2 [9/10/82])4:54
CD3-15Rock And Roll Hell (Take 1 - Incomplete [9/15/82])2:37
CD3-16Rock And Roll Hell (Take 2 [9/15/82])4:09
CD3-17I Love It Loud (Single Edit)3:27
CD3-18Creatures Of The Night (1985 Remix)4:01
Disc 4: Creatures Tour Live '82/'83
CD4-1Creatures Of The Night (Live In Rockford, Illinois 12/31/82)4:41
CD4-2Strutter (Live In Sioux City, Iowa 12/30/82)3:43
CD4-3Calling Dr. Love (Live In Sioux City, Iowa 12/30/82)3:27
CD4-4Firehouse (Live In Sioux City, Iowa 12/30/82)4:40
CD4-5I Love It Loud (Live In Rockford, Illinois 12/31/82)4:09
CD4-6Cold Gin (Live In Sioux City, Iowa 12/30/82)5:54
CD4-7Keep Me Comin' (Live In Sioux City, Iowa 12/30/82)4:28
CD4-8War Machine (Live In Sioux City, Iowa 12/30/82)3:59
CD4-9I Want You (Live In Houston, Texas 3/10/83)4:20
CD4-10Rock And Roll Hell (Live In Rockford, Illinois 12/31/82)4:53
CD4-11I Still Love You (Live In Sioux City, Iowa 12/30/82)6:13
CD4-12Shout It Out Loud (Live In Sioux City, Iowa 12/30/82)3:41
CD4-13Gene's Bass Solo (Live In Sioux City, Iowa 12/30/82)2:48
CD4-14God Of Thunder / Eric's Drum Solo (Live In Rockford, Illinois 12/31/82)10:32
Disc 5: Creatures Tour Live '82/'83 / Bonus Live Performances / Bonus Creatures Tour Sound Effects
CD5-1Paul's Love Gun Rap (Live In Rockford, Illinois 12/31/82)2:24
CD5-2Love Gun (Live In Rockford, Illinois 12/31/82)4:08
CD5-3Paul's Guitar Solo (Live In Rockford, Illinois 12/31/82)2:41
CD5-4Black Diamond (Live In Houston, Texas 3/10/83)6:27
CD5-5Detroit Rock City (Live In Houston, Texas 3/10/83)4:52
CD5-6Rock And Roll All Nite (Live In Houston, Texas 3/10/83)8:27
CD5-7Rock And Roll Hell (Live In Sioux City, Iowa 12/30/82)4:48
CD5-8I Want You (Live In Rockford, Illinois 12/31/82)4:21
CD5-9King Of The Night Time World (Live In Pine Bluff, Arkansas 2/11/83)3:10
CD5-10Cold Gin (Live In Houston, Texas 3/10/83)4:41
CD5-11I Still Love You (Live In Houston, Texas 3/10/83)6:08
CD5-12Strutter (Live In Houston, Texas 3/10/83)3:23
CD5-13Tank Start Of Show (Tour Sound Effect)1:07
CD5-14Turbine (Tour Sound Effect)1:07
CD5-15Firehouse Siren (Tour Sound Effect)1:00
CD5-16Drum And Ending Tank (Tour Sound Effect)1:02
CD5-17Bass Solo Wind And Gargoyles (Tour Sound Effect)3:49
CD5-18Bells (Tour Sound Effect)0:16
CD5-19Flames (Tour Sound Effect)1:04

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