Artista(s) / Grupo: Varios Artistas

Estilo(s): 4011222318886

Título: Original Movie Themes

Cantidad de Discos: 10

Lanzamiento: 2011

Género(s): Soundtrack


Antes $29.900


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Lista de Títulos

1-1Judy Garland, Charles WaltersMedley: Presenting Lily Mars (From Easter Parade)2:12
1-2MGM Studio OrchestraEaster Parade "Main Title"1:23
1-3Fred AstaireHappy Easter (From Easter Parade)2:32
1-4Alfred Newman And His OrchestraLater That Night (From Modern Times)1:58
1-5The Warner Brothers OrchestraTwelve Oaks (From Gone With The Wind)1:20
1-6Shirley TempleOn The Ship Lollipop (From Bright Eyes)3:52
1-7MGM Studio OrchestraDementia (From Spellbound)2:58
1-8Al JolsonLiza Lee (From Big Boy)1:52
1-9Fred AstaireDrum Crazy (From Easter Parade)4:02
1-10Fred AstaireShootin' The Works For Uncle Sam (From You'll Never Get Rich)3:47
1-11Al JolsonLittle Sunshine (From Big Boy)1:37
1-12Shirley Temple, James Dunn (3)Baby Take A Bow (From Stand Up And Cheer)2:50
1-13MGM Studio OrchestraYankee Doodle Dandy (From Yankee Doodle Dandy)1:43
1-14Fred AstaireIt Only Happens When I Dance With You (From Easter Parade)2:47
1-15MGM Studio OrchestraMunchkinland Musical Sequence (From Wizard Of Oz)1:11
1-16The Warner Brothers OrchestraEscape From Atlanta Medley (From Gone With The Wind)2:45
1-17Bernard Herrmann And OrchestraJane's Return (From Jane Eyre)2:42
1-18Shirley Temple, Madge EvansLaugh You Son Of A Gun (From Little Miss Marker)1:31
2-1Dick Powell (2), "Dames" ChorinesDames (From Dames)9:51
2-2MGM Studio OrchestraBeautiful Faces Need Beautiful Clothes (From Easter Parade)1:26
2-3The Warner Brothers OrchestraCasablanca Medley (From Casablanca)2:02
2-4Shirley TempleThe World Owes Me A Living (From Now And Forever)2:28
2-5James CagneyKeep Your Eyes On Me (From Yankee Doodle Dandy)3:56
2-6Joan LeslieI Was Born In Virginia (From Yankee Doodle Dandy)1:50
2-7MGM Studio OrchestraThis Is The Life (From Easter Parade)1:09
2-8Al JolsonI Love To Sing-A (From The Singing Kid)3:06
2-9Shirley Temple, James Dunn (3)On Accounta I Love You (From Baby Take A Bow)1:28
2-10James Cagney, Joan LeslieHarrigan (From Yankee Doodle Dandy)2:24
2-11Al JolsonYou Made Me Love You (From The Jolson Story)2:36
2-12Harry James And His OrchestraI've Heard That Song Before (From The Forest Rangers)3:00
2-13The Warner Brothers OrchestraArrival Of Ilsa And Victor (From Casablanca)1:16
2-14Shirley TempleLove's Young Dream (From The Little Colonel)1:20
2-15MGM Studio OrchestraCall Me Up Some Rainy Afternoon (From Easter Parade)1:32
2-16James Cagney, Joan LeslieMary (From Yankee Doodle Dandy)1:55
2-17MGM Studio OrchestraOf All The Gin Joints... (From Casablanca)1:56
2-18Shirley TempleThe Toy Trumpet (From The Little Colonel)1:32
3-1Dick Powell (2), Ruby KeelerI Only Have Eyes For You (From Dames)9:08
3-2Fred Astaire, The Mel-Tones, The Little SistersSteppin' Out With My Baby (From Easter Parade)6:01
3-3The Warner Brothers OrchestraDat's What Noah Done (From Casablanca)1:20
3-4Shirley TempleAnimal Crackers In My Soup (From Curly Top)2:37
3-5James Cagney, Frances LangfordOver There (From Yankee Doodle Dandy)3:02
3-6Kay Kyser And His OrchestraJingle Jangle Jingle (From The Forest Rangers)3:22
3-7Dooley WilsonKnock On Wood (From Casablanca)1:17
3-8Judy Garland, Fred AstaireA Couple Of Swells (From Easter Parade)4:26
3-9Dick BeaversThe Girl On The Magazine Cover (From Easter Parade)4:11
3-10Shirley TempleWhen I Grow Up (From Curly Top)3:52
3-11Al JolsonCarolina In The Morning (From April Showers)2:32
3-12Dick Haymes, The Song SpinnersYou'll Never Know (From Hello Frisco, Hello)2:45
3-13Doris Day, Les Brown And His OrchestraMy Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time (From In Society)3:18
3-14Fred AstaireI've Got My Eyes On You (From Broadway Melody)4:04
3-15James CagneyStrictly Off The Record (From The Forest Rangers)3:23
3-16Shirley TempleBelieve Me... (From The Littlest Rebel)1:10
3-17Judy Garland, José IturbiThe Joint Is Really Jumpin' Down At Carnegie Hall (From Thousands Cheer)3:43
3-18Martha TiltonI'll Walk Alone (From Follow The Boys)3:14
4-1Winifred Shaw, Dick Powell (2)Lullaby Of Broadway (From Gold Diggers)13:46
4-2Judy GarlandBetter Luck Next Time (From Easter Parade)4:11
4-3Douglas McPhailI Concentrate On You (From Broadway Melody)6:39
4-4Shirley TempleWhen I'm With You (From Poor Little Rich Girl)1:23
4-5Doris DayIt's Magic (From Romance On The High Seas)3:24
4-6Betty RhodesThe Fleet's In (From The Fleet's In)3:11
4-7Betty HuttonIf You Built A Better Mousetrap (From The Fleet's In)1:59
4-8Al JolsonCalifornia Here I Come (From The Jolson Story)2:25
4-9MGM Studio OrchestraA Staircase Rag (From You'll Never Get Rich)2:48
4-10Dorothy Lamour, Betty HuttonNot Mine (From The Fleet's In)2:12
4-11Lorraine And Rognan Dance TeamI Remember You (From The Fleet's In)4:05
4-12Shirley TempleOh My Goodness (From Poor Little Rich Girl)3:49
4-13Dinah ShoreThank Your Lucky Stars (From Thank Your Lucky Stars)2:33
4-14Eddie CantorWe're Staying Home Tonight (From Thank Your Lucky Stars)1:59
4-15Jack Carson, Alan HaleGoin' North (From Thank Your Lucky Stars)4:01
4-16Fred AstaireSo Near And Yet So Far (From You'll Never Get Rich)2:28
4-17Shirley TempleAt The Codfish Ball (From Poor Little Rich Girl)3:29
4-18Dorothy LamourI Remember You (From The Fleet's In)2:41
5-1Winifred ShawThe Lady In Red (From In Caliente)9:24
5-2Shirley TempleThe Right Somebody To Love (From Captain January)3:54
5-3Cass DaleyTomorrow You Belong To Uncle Sammy (From The Fleet's In)4:21
5-4Ann Sheridan, Joyce ReynoldsLove Isn't Born-It's Made (From Thank Your Lucky Stars)4:02
5-5Dennis Morgan (4), Joan LeslieNo You-No Me (From Thank Your Lucky Stars)2:13
5-6Shirley TempleGoodnight My Love (From Stowaway)1:26
5-7Dinah ShoreThe Dreamer (From Thank Your Lucky Stars)3:50
5-8Al JolsonRock A Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody (From The Al Jolson Story)2:51
5-9Bette DavisThey're Either Too Young Or Too Old (From Thank Your Lucky Stars)5:01
5-10Shirley TempleThat's What I Want For Christmas (From Stowaway)2:03
5-11Dinah ShoreHow Sweet You Are (From Thank Your Lucky Stars)3:32
5-12Dennis Morgan (4)Goodnight Good Neighbor (From Thank Your Lucky Stars)2:40
5-13Alice FayeThis Year's Kisses (From On The Avenue)1:49
5-14Shirley TempleYou've Got To Smile (From Stowaway)3:11
5-15Gertrude Niesen, George Murphy (3)This Is The Army-Overture (From This Is The Army)5:27
5-16Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraOhio (From Four Jills In A Jeep)1:55
5-17Dick HaymesHow Many Times Do I Have To Tell You (From Four Jills In A Jeep)3:01
5-18Alice Faye, Jack Haley, Chick ChandlerThe International Rag (From Alexander's Ragtime Band)1:02
6-1Dick Powell (2), Joan BlondellAll's Fair In Love And War (From Gold Diggers)10:36
6-2Shirley TempleGet On Board Lil' Children (From Dimples)1:11
6-3Dick Powell (2), Madeleine CarrollYou're Laughing At Me (From On The Avenue)3:59
6-4Jimmy Dorsey And His OrchestraThe Champ (From Four Jills In A Jeep)3:16
6-5Wally Vernon, Dixie Dunbar, Alice FayeEverybody's Doing It (From Alexander's Ragtime Band)1:53
6-6Carole LandisBoogie Woogie/ Crazy Me (From Four Jills In A Jeep)4:06
6-7Dick Powell (2)I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm (From On The Avenue)3:13
6-8Shirley TempleHe Was A Daddy (From Dimples)1:04
6-9Don AmecheNow It Can Be Told (From Alexander's Ragtime Band)1:44
6-10Dick Powell (2), Ritz Brothers (2)Eyes (Ochyhe Tchornia) [From On The Avenue]4:25
6-11Martha TiltonWedding Cake Walk (From You'll Never Get Rich)5:19
6-12Frances LangfordBroadway Rhythm (From Broadway Melody)1:39
6-13MGM Studio OrchestraDream Ballet (From Yolanda The Thief)1:10
6-14Shirley TempleHey What Did The Blue Jay Say (From Dimples)2:10
6-15Dick Powell (2)Slumming On Park Avenue (From On The Avenue)2:23
6-16MGM Studio OrchestraWe're On Our Way To France (From Alexander's Ragtime Band)1:28
6-17Ethel Merman, Alice FayeBlue Skies (From Alexander's Ragtime Band)2:37
6-18The King's MenWhat'll I Do (From Alexander's Ragtime Band)2:06
7-1Glenn Miller And His OrchestraChattanooga Choo Choo (From Sun Valley Serenade)7:51
7-2Shirley TempleIn Our Little Wooden Shoes (From Heidi)1:28
7-3Ethel Merman, Alice FayeRemember Medley (From Alexander's Ragtime Band)3:07
7-4Don AmecheEaster Parade (From Alexander's Ragtime Band)1:28
7-5MGM Studio OrchestraThe Army's Made A Man Out Of Me (From This Is The Army)1:34
7-6Robert ShanleyThis Time Is The Last Time (From This Is The Army)3:24
7-7Kate Smith (2)God Bless America (From This Is The Army)4:28
7-8Ralph MagelssenMandy (From This Is The Army)3:29
7-9Alice FayeAlexander's Ragtime Band (From Alexander's Ragtime Band)3:20
7-10Irving BerlinOh How I Hate To Get Up In The Morning (From This Is The Army)2:29
7-11Luise RainerIt's Delightful To Be Married (From The Great Ziegfeld)1:22
7-12Buddy DoyleIf You Knew Susie (From The Great Ziegfeld)1:24
7-13Fanny BriceYiddle On The Fiddle (From The Great Ziegfeld)2:40
7-14MGM Studio OrchestraLooking For A Silver Lining (From The Great Ziegfeld)1:29
7-15Robert ShanleyWith My Head In The Clouds (From This Is The Army)4:06
7-16Irving BerlinFinal Courtain (From The Great Ziegfeld)1:20
7-17Alice FayeOn The Moonlight Bay (From Tin Pan Alley)
7-18Betty GrableMedley From Tin Pan Alley (From Tin Pan Alley)2:56
8-1MGM Studio OrchestraMunchkinland-Sequence (From The Wizard Of Oz)6:10
8-2Jack Oakie, Alice FayeK K K Katie (From Tin Pan Alley)3:01
8-3Vivian Blaine, Vera-EllenOn The Boardwalk (From Three Little Girls In Blue)3:42
8-4Al JolsonApril Showers (From A Plantation Act)3:01
8-5Irving BerlinMaking Faces (From Easter Parade)1:18
8-6MGM Studio OrchestraThree Little Girls In Blue (From Three Little Girls In Blue)3:10
8-7Shirley TemplePolly Wolly Doodle (From The Littlest Rebel)1:58
8-8Al JolsonDirty Hands-Dirty Face (From The Jazz Singer)2:58
8-9MGM Studio OrchestraFinal-Thank Your Lucky Stars (From Thank Your Lucky Stars)4:46
8-10Vera-EllenI Like Mike (From Three Little Girls In Blue)2:04
8-11The Warner Brothers OrchestraIn The Library (From Gone With The Wind)2:43
8-12MGM Studio OrchestraAlong Came Ruth (From Easter Parade)1:08
8-13Al JolsonToot Toot Tootsie (From The Jazz Singer)2:11
8-14Vivian BlaineSomewhere In The Night (From Three Little Girls In Blue)3:16
8-15James CagneyOver There (From The Forest Rangers)2:44
8-16Al JolsonBlue Skies (From The Jazz Singer)2:45
8-17Bernard HerrmannThe Wedding (From Jane Eyre)1:26
8-18The Warner Brothers OrchestraTwelve Oaks (From Gone With The Wind)1:09
9-1Judy Garland, Fred AstaireVaudeville Montage (From Easter Parade)5:41
9-2George Montgomery (3)This Is Always (From Three Little Girls In Blue)3:11
9-3Al JolsonMy Mommy (From The Jazz Singer)2:05
9-4Shirley TempleBut Definitely (From Poor Little Rich Girl)3:39
9-5Hattie McDaniel, Willie Best, Rita ChristinaIce Cold Katie (From Thank Your Lucky Stars)4:59
9-6Celeste HolmAlways The Lady (From Three Little Girls In Blue)2:58
9-7MGM Studio OrchestraCabin In The Sky Main Title (From Cabin In The Sky)1:47
9-8Al JolsonIt All Depends On You (From The Singing Fool)3:06
9-9Ethel WatersLittle Black Sheep (From Cabin In The Sky)3:06
9-10Kenneth SpencerOld Ship Of Zion (From Cabin In The Sky)3:08
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