Artista(s) / Grupo: Queen

Estilo(s): Classic Rock

Título: Queen 40. Volume 3

Cantidad de Discos: 10 CD + Poster

Lanzamiento: 2011

Género(s): Rock


Antes $59.900


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The Works
1-01Radio Ga Ga5:50
1-02Tear It Up3:28
1-03It's A Hard Life4:08
1-04Man On The Prowl3:30
1-05Machines (or 'Back To Humans')5:10
1-06I Want To Break Free3:21
1-07Keep Passing The Open Windows5:22
1-08Hammer To Fall4:28
1-09Is This The World We Created...?2:14
The Works - Bonus EP
2-01I Go Crazy (B-Side)3:44
2-02I Want To Break Free (Single Remix)4:19
2-03Hammer To Fall (Headbanger's Mix)5:19
2-04Is This The World We Created...? (Live In Rio, January 1985)3:02
2-05It's A Hard Life (Live In Rio, January 1985)4:27
2-06Thank God It's Christmas (Non-Album Single)4:21
A Kind Of Magic
3-01One Vision5:11
3-02A Kind Of Magic4:24
3-03One Year Of Love4:27
3-04Pain Is So Close To Pleasure4:22
3-05Friends Will Be Friends4:12
3-06Who Wants To Live Forever5:16
3-07Gimme The Prize (Kurgan's Theme)4:34
3-08Don't Loose Your Head4:38
3-09Princes Of The Universe3:33
A Kind Of Magic - Bonus EP
4-01A Kind Of Magic (Highlander Version)4:23
4-02One Vision (Single Version)4:01
4-03Pain Is So Close To Pleasure (Single Remix)3:59
4-04Forever (Piano Version)3:21
4-05A Kind Of Vision (Demo 1985)3:24
4-06One Vision (Live At Wembley Stadium 1986/07/11)5:14
4-07Friends Will Be Friends Will Be Friends5:59
The Miracle
5-02Khashoggi's Ship2:48
5-03The Miracle5:02
5-04I Want It All4:41
5-06The Invisible Man4:08
5-07Rain Must Fall4:23
5-09My Baby Does Me3:22
5-10Was It All Worth It5:47
The Miracle - Bonus EP
6-01I Want It All (Single Version)4:03
6-02The Invisible Man (Early Version With Guide Vocal, August 1988)5:03
6-03Hang On In There (B-Side)3:47
6-04Hijack My Heart (B-Side)4:13
6-05Stealin' (B-Side)4:00
6-06Chinese Torture (Instrumental)1:45
6-07The Invisible Man (12" Version)5:30
7-02I'm Going Slightly Mad4:22
7-04I Can't Live With You4:33
7-05Don't Try So Hard3:39
7-06Ride The Wild Wind4:43
7-07All God's People4:21
7-08These Are The Days Of Our Lives4:15
7-10The Hitman4:56
7-12The Show Must Go On4:31
Innuendo - Bonus EP
8-01I Can't Live With You (1997 Rocks Retake)4:50
8-02Lost Opportunity (B-Side)3:52
8-03Ride The Wild Wind (Early Version With Guide Vocal)4:14
8-04I'm Going Slightly Mad (Mad Mix)4:37
8-05Headlong (Embryo With Guide Vocal)4:44
Made In Heaven
9-01It's A Beautiful Day2:34
9-02Made In Heaven5:24
9-03Let Me Live4:45
9-04Mother Love4:49
9-05My Life Has Been Saved3:15
9-06I Was Born To Love You4:49
9-07Heaven For Everyone5:36
9-08Too Much Love Will Kill You4:20
9-09You Don't Fool Me5:24
9-10A Winter's Tale3:50
9-11It's A Beautiful Day (Reprise)3:00
9-12Yeah [Untitled]0:04
9-13Track 13 [Untitled]22:34
Made In Heaven - Bonus EP
10-01Heaven For Everyone (Single Version)4:41
10-02It's A Beautiful Day (B-Side Version)3:59
10-03My Life Has Been Saved (1989 B-Side Version)3:16
10-04I Was Born To Love You (Vocal & Piano Version)2:56
10-05Rock In Rio Blues (Live B-Side)4:34
10-06A Winter's Tale (Cosy Fireside Mix)3:49

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