Artista(s) / Grupo: Céline Dion

Título: Collection

Cantidad de Discos: 10

Lanzamiento: 2016

Género(s): Pop


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Celine Dion
1-2Love Can Move Mountains4:53
1-3Show Some Emotion4:29
1-4If You Asked Me To3:54
1-5If You Could See Me Now5:07
1-6Halfway To Heaven5:05
1-7Did You Give Enough Love4:21
1-8If I Were You5:08
1-9Beauty And The Beast (From The Soundtrack Beauty And The Beast)4:04
1-10I Love You Goodbye3:34
1-11Little Bit Of Love4:27
1-12Water From The Moon4:40
1-13With This Fear4:12
1-14Nothing Broken But My Heart5:56
1-15Where Does My Heart Beat Now4:33
The Colour Of My Love
2-1The Power Of Love5:43
2-3Think Twice4:48
2-4Only One Road4:49
2-5Everybody's Talkin' My Baby Down4:02
2-6Next Plane Out4:59
2-7Real Emotion4:26
2-8When I Fall In Love (From The TriStar Film Sleepless In Seattle)4:21
2-9Love Doesn't Ask Why4:09
2-10Refuse To Dance4:21
2-11I Remember L.A.4:12
2-12No Living Without Loving You4:23
2-13Lovin' Proof4:12
2-14Just Walk Away4:58
2-15The Colour Of My Love3:25
3-1Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore4:15
3-2Le Ballet4:25
3-4Je Sais Pas4:33
3-5La Memoire D'abraham3:50
3-6Cherche Encore3:24
3-8Les Derniers Seront Les Premiers3:32
3-9J'irai Ou Tu Iras3:27
3-11Priere Paienne4:11
Falling Into You
4-1It's All Coming Back To Me Now7:37
4-2Because You Loved Me (Theme From "Up Close & Personal")4:33
4-3Falling Into You4:18
4-4Make You Happy4:31
4-5Seduces Me3:46
4-6All By Myself5:12
4-7Declaration Of Love4:20
4-8(You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman3:40
4-9Dreamin' Of You5:07
4-10I Love You5:30
4-11If That's What It Takes4:12
4-12I Don't Know4:38
4-13River Deep, Mountain High4:10
4-14Your Light5:14
4-15Call The Man6:08
Let's Talk About Love
5-1The Reason5:01
5-3Treat Her Like A Lady4:05
5-4Why Oh Why4:50
5-5Love Is On The Way4:25
5-6Tell Him4:51
5-7Amar Haciendo El Amor4:11
5-8When I Need You4:12
5-9Miles To Go (Before I Sleep)4:40
5-11Just A Little Bit Of Love4:06
5-12My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme From "Titanic")4:40
5-13Where Is The Love4:55
5-14Be The Man4:39
5-15I Hate You Then I Love You4:42
5-16Let's Talk About Love5:12
S'il Suffisait D'aimer
6-1Je Crois Toi5:06
6-2Zora Sourit3:52
6-3On Ne Change Pas4:09
6-4Je Chanterai4:10
6-6En Attendant Ses Pas4:07
6-9Dans Un Autre Monde4:38
6-10Sur Le Même Bateau4:26
6-11Tous Les Blues Sont Écrits Pour Toi4:49
6-12S'il Suffisait D'aimer3:35
A New Day Has Come
7-1I'm Alive3:30
7-2Right In Front Of You4:13
7-3Have You Ever Been In Love4:08
7-4Rain, Tax (It's Inevitable)3:25
7-5A New Day Has Come (Radio Remix)4:23
7-6Ten Days3:37
7-7Goodbye's (The Saddest Word)5:19
7-9I Surrender4:47
7-10At Last4:17
7-11Super Love4:16
7-12Sorry For Love4:10
7-13Aun Existe Amor3:52
7-14The Greatest Reward3:28
7-15When The Wrong One Loves You Right3:48
7-16A New Day Has Come5:42
7-17Nature Boy3:45
1 Fille & 4 Types
8-1Tout L'or Des Hommes2:58
8-3Le Vol D'un Ange3:39
8-4Ne Bouge Pas4:25
8-5Tu Nages3:11
8-6Et Je T'aime Encore3:26
8-8Je Lui Dirai3:57
8-9Mon Homme3:20
8-10Rien N'est Vraiment Fini3:50
8-11Contre Nature4:10
8-12Des Milliers De Baisers3:47
8-13Valse Adieu1:19
Sans Attendre
9-1Parler À Mon Père2:55
9-2Le Miracle3:58
9-3Qui Peut Vivre Sans Amour?3:29
9-4L'amour Peut Prendre Froid3:29
9-6Une Chance Qu'on S'a3:32
9-7La Mer Et L'enfant3:08
9-8Moi Quand Je Pleure3:51
9-9Celle Qui M'a Tout Appris3:49
9-10Je N'ai Pas Besoin D'amour3:32
9-11Si Je N'ai Rien Que Toi4:02
9-12Que Toi Au Monde3:52
9-13Les Petits Pieds De Léa4:00
9-14Tant De Temps4:05
Loved Me Back To Life
10-1Loved Me Back To Life3:50
10-2Somebody Loves Somebody3:42
10-4Water And A Flame3:42
10-6Save Your Soul3:48
10-7Didn't Know Love3:36
10-8Thank You3:59
10-11At Seventeen4:29
10-12Always Be Your Girl4:14
10-13Unfinished Songs3:39

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