Artista(s) / Grupo: Tom Petty

Estilo(s): Rock Clásico Blues

Título: An American Treasure

Cantidad de Discos: 4

Lanzamiento: 2018

Género(s): Rock



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1-1Surrender (Prev. Unreleased, 1976)3:19
1-2Listen To Her Heart (Live, 1977)3:20
1-3Anything That's Rock 'N' Roll (Live, 1977)3:38
1-4When The Time Comes (Alt. Version, 1978)3:05
1-5You're Gonna Get It (Alt. Version, 1978)3:14
1-6Radio Promotion Spot (1977)0:28
1-7Rockin' Around (With You) (Album Track, 1976)2:19
1-8Fooled Again (I Don't Like It) (Alt. Version, 1976)4:10
1-9Breakdown (Live, 1977)5:21
1-10The Wild One, Forever (Album Track, 1976)3:01
1-11No Second Thoughts (Album Track, 1978)2:39
1-12Here Comes My Girl (Alt. Version, 1979)4:57
1-13What Are You Doing In My Life (Alt. Version, 1979)3:30
1-14Louisiana Rain (Alt. Version, 1979)5:04
1-15Lost In Your Eyes (Prev. Unreleased, 1975)4:48
2-1Keep A Little Soul (Prev. Unreleased, 1982)3:11
2-2Even The Losers (Live, 1988)3:29
2-3Keeping Me Alive (Prev. Unreleased, 1982)3:17
2-4Don't Treat Me Like A Stranger (B-Side, 1989)3:06
2-5The Apartment Song (Demo, 1984)2:35
2-6Concert Intro (Live, 1981)0:11
2-7Kings Road (Live, 1981)5:14
2-8Clear The Aisles (Live, 1981)0:16
2-9A Woman In Love (It's Not Me) (Live, 1981)5:51
2-10Straight Into Darkness (Alt. Version, 1982)4:30
2-11You Can Still Change Your Mind (Album Track, 1981)4:01
2-12Rebels (Alt. Version, 1985)5:18
2-13Deliver Me (Alt. Version, 1982)3:55
2-14Alright For Now (Album Track, 1989)2:00
2-15The Damage You've Done (Alt. Version, 1987)4:00
2-16The Best Of Everything (Alt. Version, 1985)4:02
2-17Walkin' From The Fire (Prev. Unreleased, 1984)4:44
2-18King Of The Hill (Early Take, 1987)4:00
3-1I Won't Back Down (Live, 1997)3:39
3-2Gainesville (Prev. Unreleased 1994)4:05
3-3You And I Will Meet Again (Album Track, 1991)3:38
3-4Into The Great Wide Open (Live, 1991)4:16
3-5Two Gunslingers (Live, 2013)3:50
3-6Lonesome Dave (Prev. Unreleased, 1993)3:41
3-7To Find A Friend (Album Track, 1994)3:20
3-8Crawling Back To You (Album Track, 1994)5:02
3-9Wake Up Time (Alt. Take, 1992)5:31
3-10Grew Up Fast (Album Track, 1996)5:05
3-11I Don't Belong (Prev. Unreleased, 1998)2:54
3-12Accused Of Love (Album Track, 1999)2:44
3-13Lonesome Sundown (Album Track, 1999)4:32
3-14Don't Fade On Me (Alt. Take, 1994)4:28
4-1You And Me (Clubhouse Version, 2007)3:13
4-2Have Love Will Travel (Album Track, 2002)4:05
4-3Money Becomes King (Album Track, 2002)5:11
4-4Bus To Tampa Bay (Prev. Unreleased, 2011)2:56
4-5Saving Grace (Live, 2008)3:31
4-6Down South (Album Track, 2006)3:25
4-7Southern Accents (Live, 2006)5:02
4-8Insider (Live, 2006)4:57
4-9Two Men Talking (Prev. Unreleased, 2012)6:54
4-10Fault Lines (Album Track, 2014)4:29
4-11Sins Of My Youth (Early Take, 2012)3:40
4-12Good Enough (Alt. Version 2012)5:49
4-13Something Good Coming (Album Track, 2016)4:11
4-14Save Your Water (Album Track, 2016)3:17
4-15Like A Diamond (Alt. Version, 2002)4:16
4-16Hungry No More (Live, 2016)7:19

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