Elvis Presley - Elvis At Stax (Deluxe)



Artista(s) / Grupo: Elvis Presley

Cantidad de Discos: 3

Lanzamiento: 2013



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The R&B And Country Sessions - The Outtakes
1-1I Got A Feelin' In My Body (Take 1)4:28
1-2Find Out What's Happening (Takes 8-7)3:26
1-3Promised Land (Take 4)2:54
1-4For Ol' Times Sake (Take 4)3:44
1-5I've Got A Thing About You, Baby (Take 14)2:28
1-6It's Midnight (Take 7)4:00
1-7If You Talk In Your Sleep (Take 5)2:34
1-8Loving Arms (Take 2)3:03
1-9You Asked Me To (Take 3A)3:11
1-10Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues (Take 8)3:28
1-11Talk About The Good Times (Take 3)3:40
1-12There's A Honky Tonk Angel (Who Will Take Me Back In) (Take 1)3:22
1-13She Wears My Ring (Take 8)4:26
1-14Three Corn Patches (Take 14)3:35
1-15I Got A Feelin' In My Body (Take 4)3:43
1-16If You Don't Come Back (Take 3)3:08
1-17Promised Land (Take 5)3:31
The Pop Sessions - The Outtakes
2-1Mr. Songman (Take 2)2:06
2-2Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming (Take 4)2:53
2-3Spanish Eyes (Take 2)2:53
2-4Take Good Care Of Her (Take 1, 2, 3)4:18
2-5It's Diff'rent Now (Unfinished Recording)2:22
2-6Thinking About You (Take 6)4:07
2-7My Boy (Take 1)3:35
2-8Girl Of Mine (Take 9)3:40
2-9Love Song Of The Year (Take 1)3:13
2-10If That Isn't Love (Take 1)3:34
The July 1973 Masters
2-11Raised On Rock2:39
2-12For Ol' Times Sake3:36
2-13I've Got A Thing About You Baby2:21
2-14Take Good Care Of Her2:51
2-15If You Don't Come Back2:30
2-16Three Corn Patches2:47
2-17Girl Of Mine3:38
2-18Just A Little Bit2:31
2-19Find Out What's Happening2:30
2-20Sweet Angeline3:01
The December 1973 Masters
3-1Promised Land2:53
3-2It's Midnight3:21
3-3If You Talk In Your Sleep2:28
3-4Help Me2:28
3-5My Boy3:18
3-6Thinking About You3:02
3-7Mr. Songman2:07
3-8I Got A Feelin' In My Body3:33
3-9Loving Arms2:49
3-10Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues3:09
3-11You Asked Me To2:52
3-12There's A Honky Tonk Angel (Who Will Take Me Back In)3:01
3-13Talk About The Good Times2:22
3-14She Wears My Ring3:21
3-15Your Love's Been A Long Time Coming2:53
3-16Love Song Of The Year3:17
3-17Spanish Eyes2:22
3-18If That Isn't Love3:29

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