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On The Threshold Of A Dream
1-1In The Beginning2:07
1-2Lovely To See You2:34
1-3Dear Diary3:56
1-4Send Me No Wine2:21
1-5To Share Our Love2:53
1-6So Deep Within You3:07
1-7Never Comes The Day4:43
1-8Lazy Day2:43
1-9Are You Sitting Comfortably3:30
1-10The Dream0:57
1-11Have You Heard - Part 11:28
1-12The Voyage4:10
1-13Have Your Heard - Part 22:36
To Our Children's Children's Children
2-1Higher And Higher4:06
2-2The Eyes Of A Child - Part One3:23
2-4The Eyes Of A Child - Part Two1:23
2-5I Never Thought I'd Live To Be A Hundred1:05
2-7Out And In3:47
2-9Eternity Road4:19
2-10Candle Of Life4:17
2-11Sun Is Still Shining3:39
2-12I Never Thought I'd Live To Be A Million0:33
2-13Watching And Waiting4:16
A Question Of Balance
3-2How Is It (We Are Here)2:45
3-3And The Tide Rushes In2:55
3-4Don't You Feel Small2:38
3-5Tortoise And The Hare3:19
3-6It's Up To You3:11
3-7Minstrel's Song4:27
3-8Dawning Is The Day4:21
3-9Melancholy Man5:45
3-10The Balance3:27
Every Good Boy Deserves Favour
4-2The Story In Your Eyes2:56
4-3Our Guessing Game3:34
4-4Emily's Song3:42
4-5After You Came4:36
4-6One More Time To Live5:41
4-7Nice To Be Here4:23
4-8You Can Never Go Home4:14
4-9My Song6:19
Seventh Sojourn
5-1Lost In A Lost World4:41
5-2New Horizons5:10
5-3For My Lady3:57
5-4Isn't Life Strange6:00
5-5You And Me4:19
5-6The Land Of Make Believe4:51
5-7When You're A Free Man6:05
5-8I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)4:19

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