Artista(s) / Grupo: John Williams - Star Wars

Estilo(s): Classical

Título: Star Wars - The Ultimate Vinyl Collection - John Williams - Star Wars

Cantidad de Discos: 11 LP + Libro

Lanzamiento: 2016

Género(s): Soundtrack

Series: Star Wars


Antes $299.900


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Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace
1-A1Star Wars Main Title And The Arrival At Naboo
1-A2Duel Of The Fates
1-A3Anakin's Theme
1-A4Jar Jar's Introduction And The Swim To Otoh Gunga
1-A5The Sith Spacecraft And The Droid Battle
1-B1The Trip To The Naboo Temple And The Audience With Boss Nass
1-B2The Arrival At Tatooine And The Flag Parade
1-B3He Is The Chosen One
1-B4Anakin Defeats Sebulba
1-B5Passage Through The Planet Core
1-C1Watto's Deal And Kids At Play
1-C2Panaka And The Queen's Protectors
1-C3Queen Amidala And The Naboo Palace
1-C4The Droid Invasion And The Appearance Of Darth Maul
1-D1Qui-Gon's Noble End
1-D2The High Council Meeting And Qui-Gon's Funeral
1-D3Augie's Great Municipal Band And End Credits
Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones
2-A1Star Wars Main Title And Ambush On Coruscant
2-A2Across The Stars (Love Theme From Star Wars: Episode II)
2-A3Zam The Assassin And The Chase Through Coruscant
2-B1Yoda And The Younglings
2-B2Departing Coruscant
2-B3Anakin And Padmé
2-B4Jango's Escape
2-B5The Meadow Picnic
2-C1Bounty Hunter's Pursuit
2-C2Return To Tatooine
2-C3The Tusken Camp And The Homestead
2-D1Love Pledge And The Arena
2-D2Confrontation With Count Dooku And Finale
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith
3-A1Star Wars And The Revenge Of The Sith
3-A2Anakin's Dream
3-A3Battle Of The Heroes
3-B1Anakin's Betrayal
3-B2General Grievous
3-B3Palpatine's Teachings
3-B4Grievous And The Droids
3-C1Padmé's Ruminations
3-C2Anakin Vs Obi-Wan
3-C3Anakin's Dark Deeds
3-C4Enter Lord Vader
3-C5The Immolation Scene
3-D1Grievous Speaks To Lord Sidious
3-D2The Birth of the Twins and Padme's Destiny - Medley
3-D3A New Hope And End Credits
Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope
4-A1Main Title
4-A2Imperial Attack
4-A3Princess Leia's Theme
4-A4The Desert And The Robot Auction
4-B1Ben Kenobi's Death / Tie Fighter Attack
4-B2The Little People Work
4-B3Resue Of The Princess
4-B4Inner City
4-B5Cantina Band
4-C1The Land Of The Sandpeople
4-C2Mouse Robot And Blasting Off
4-C3The Return Home
4-C4The Walls Converge
4-C5The Princess Appears
4-D1The Millenium Falcon / Imperial Cruiser Pursuit
4-D2The Throne Room And End Title
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
5-A1Star Wars (Main Theme)
5-A2Yoda's Theme
5-A3The Training Of A Jedi Knight
5-A4The Heroics Of Luke And Han
5-B1The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)
5-B2Departure Of Boba Fett
5-B3Han Solo And The Princess
5-B5The Battle In The Snow
5-C1The Asteroid Field
5-C2The City In The Clouds
5-C3Rebels At Bay
5-C4Yoda And The Force
5-D1The Duel
5-D2The Magic Tree
5-D3Lando's Palace
Star Wars Episode VI: Return Of The Jedi
6-A1Main Title (The Story Continues)
6-A2Into The Trap
6-A3Luke And Leia
6-A4Parade Of The Ewoks
6-A5Han Solo Returns (At The Court Of Jabba The Hutt)
6-A6Lapti Nek (Jabba's Palace Band)
6-B1The Forest Battle
6-B2Rebel Briefing
6-B3The Emperor
6-B4The Return Of The Jedi
6-B5Ewok Celebration And Finale

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